The Interface (how the game will look and play)

All the stuff we intend to implement.
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The Interface (how the game will look and play)

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A few examples of the current draft of the GUI (Graphic User Interface) of the game.

Note that each unique section (Building, Login screens, etc) will all have unique images in the blue and white screen in the two panels at the sides of the GUI. These pictures are concepts, so that hasn't been shown here yet... but you get the idea.

Login Screen
This is the screen you'll see on a normal PC monitor when logging in, or creating a new account.

Nest Specifics
This screen is what will show on a normal PC monitor when a player investigates a specific nest (you can have more than one nest as part of your colony).
The icons shown here are place-holders only... which is why the top two say "ICON" and the rest are all the same. In the game they will all be uniqu.


This is the screen you'll see on a normal PC monitor when reviewing mutations for your colony.
Note that this picture is showing the currently researching mutation, along with a blue over white chart that shows progress. The player can cancel the upgrade by clicking on the red X button. Cancelling a research will waste all resources spent already on the research.
A slight mockup error: it says it's upgrading to Level 12 when directly below it the mockup shows the player is already Level 13... yeah... whoops. Gimme a break, it's just for looks mmk? :P

Assign Worker Tasks
Workers in the nest can be assigned to various tasks, managed by the player. Suggestions for tasks to add as options for game play are welcome.
Note that each task has a slider as well as a specific number. The player will be able to click and drag the slider, or click the number and enter a specific amount. It's based on percentage, so increasing workers assigned to one task will reduce the workers assigned to the other tasks. Sliders can be locked to prevent workers being drawn from that group when increasing or decreasing other sliders.

Main Game Screen
This is where the player can observe the physical space where all the action takes place between players.
This mockup shows the view as seen by the fictional player "TaserFace" in the supercolony (alliance) "little killers", looking at their nest "~PartyDenzzz~"
The other nests are visually coded to give the player a quick glance of relevant information, which includes distance, location, size relative to the player, and the pips above the nests indicate whether the player has more or less army at that nest than the player. The pips can be turned on or off by the player.

As you can see, there is a very clean look that we're going for. We will adjust the GUI to make sure that it is clear, easy to use, and in particular it works really quickly and easily for people on tap-screens (like phones and stuff), since players will want to use their devices to play this game throughout their usual IRL movements.

What are your thoughts?
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