Stealing Larvae

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Stealing Larvae

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I don't know if this has been talked about elsewhere already, but I think it would be a cool idea if after you attack someone, you can steal some of their larvae. There's certain types of ants that steal other ant colony's larvae and raise them as their own in real life, so I think it could be an interesting game mechanic. I don't know if that would fit into what you've already decided for Ant Conquest or not, but it could be another reason for attacking other players. I don't know if the larvae you steal would grow up to be workers or what though.

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Re: Stealing Larvae

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There are a range of attacks and worker actions that we'll be including... not documented here yet (I'm working on it!)
Things like collecting heat from the dome on cold days, scouting the resource yield from particular areas, raiding an enemy's larders, raiding an enemy's forage area to deny them of resources collected (ie: sending army to kill their foraging workers), sending army to own field to guard against the same tactics, moving army and workers from one nest to another, a whole bunch of stuff.

All suggestions in this area are very welcome.
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